Episode 22 – How To Survive As The World Shrinks

Mar 24, 2020

Hosts & Guests

Mitch Albom

Lisa Goich

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About This Episode

The world is shrinking. If you’re reading this at the time of this episode’s release, more than likely you’re quarantined in your home due to mandatory precautions in light of the coronavirus. For many of us, the world has shrunk down to the size of our homes. No movies, no shopping, no eating out, no gatherings with friends. On today’s Tuesday People episode, Mitch Albom discusses – with producer, Lisa Goich – how to get by and stay happy, as your personal world gets smaller. Through Morrie’s voice, hear how he dealt with his own ever-shrinking world, due to ALS, and how you can apply his wisdom behind your own closed doors. We could have never imagined the challenges that have come our way over the past few weeks, but we can manage to get through them by thinking bigger as our world gets smaller.