Episode 28 – A Gentle Passage – Embracing End Of Life Choices With Death Doula Jill Schock

May 5, 2020

Hosts & Guests

Mitch Albom

Lisa Goich

Jill Schock

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About This Episode

How do you want to die? When author Mitch Albom asked his beloved professor Morrie Schwartz if he wanted to be held in his final moments, Morrie responded, “Probably.” How we die is not something we often think about, brushing it under the rug as if it either won’t happen to us, or will happen so far in the future, it isn’t worth discussing now. When you think about the industry that has grown around birth, it only makes sense that we should give the same degree of attention to end-of-life care. This week’s Tuesday People guest, Jill Schock, is a death doula. Hear how Jill helps people prepare for their final days with grace, dignity and thoughtful guidance, even in these challenging days of COVID-19. With over a decade of experience in end-of-life care, she believes in empowering her clients to step away from the negative stigma of death, and embrace personal choice and style as end-of-life approaches.