Episode 96 – The Miraculous Love Kids with Lanny Cordola

Aug 24, 2021 | Tuesday People

Hosts & Guests

Mitch Albom

Lisa Goich

Lanny Cordola

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About This Episode

On today’s episode of the Tuesday People podcast, Mitch Albom interviews musician, Lanny Cordola. Lanny is the founder of a group based in Afghanistan called The Miraculous Love Kids. The organization was created around the premise that “it shouldn’t hurt to be a child.” That a kid with a melody in their heart has hope, and with hope all things are possible. Since 2010, Lanny has followed the songline from Karachi to Kabul in his quest to help give a voice to kids living in poverty-stricken areas and war zones. He has collaborated with musicians from Slash, Brian Wilson, Sammy Hagar, Tom Morello, Kathy Valentine, Wayne Kramer, Donovan Leitch, Mark McGrath, Gina Gershon and Sen Dog from Cypress Hill — all with the aim of raising awareness, resources and funds for some of the poorest children in Afghanistan and Pakistan. In his travels, Lanny has had the good fortune to listen, learn, play for, jam with and teach many of these Miraculous Love Kids. For more information on Lanny and The Miraculous Love Kids, visit their website at www.miraculouslovekids.org.