Teaching: Tuesdays with Morrie
Class: Jay Rector/Laura Dunca
Grade: High School
Subject: Life
School/Institution: Broken Arrow High School Broken Arrow, OK
Our reading started with me holding up my phone and telling the students that “someone” in their contact list on their phones cared more than they could imagine. That someone would truly miss them if they were not there any more. I told them my personal Morrie story and we (my perfect co teaching partner, Laura Duncan) read the story over the course of about two weeks. Injecting our own aphorisms and philosophies, and allowing them to interject theirs. We laughed together, we cried together but most importantly we GREW together. We learned more about each other and ourselves that can be imagined.

I got hugs and e mails from young people who may have never seen a grown man cry or be willing to put their feeling before his. I thank you greatly for this opportunity. I have taught this lesson every single year of my teaching career, sometimes twice.

If only I could put my words down like you did. I would likely find the clarity and peace that you found after Morrie “took his new job”

On behalf of all the students I have taught this lesson, all of which have signed by very tattered copy of the book, I am indebted to you.