Class: Staff Development
Grade: Elementary
Subject: All
School/Institution: Tryon Elementary School Tryon, North Carolina

I recently lost power due to Tropical Storm Zeta. I’ve had Chika since Christmas last year, but always seemed to never had time to start. I inhaled the story in three hours and was so moved. As a elementary school principal, I find the message and lesson of this book so deep and valuable, not only as a parent, but as an educator. The love, empathy, and building of relationships every teacher should have for children is so relevantly conveyed in this beautiful story. I plan to provide every staff member of my school with a copy of Chika. With a commitment to totally opening themselves up as they read this book, I expect that they all will see their roles a bit differently.
Thanks, Mr. Albom. I’ve been an admirer of your works for 30 + years. Keep up the amazing work you do.