Class: English II
Grade: High School
Subject: World Literature
School/Institution: Glenview Christian School Ft. Worth, TX
I took Tuesdays with Morrie and assigned certain chapters per week for the students to read. Next, I assigned each student a mentor for him/her to learn from. The mentors come from among the faculty and staff of our school. The students were to meet with their mentors and interview with probing questions about life in general that they want answered. The last visit with the mentor includes a random act of kindness that each mentoree must do for his/her mentor. Students have run errands, bought and delivered soft drinks, made muffins, and painted sets for the school musical. They have actually enjoyed serving their mentors. Their final grade over the novel includes a report they must write describing their feelings and wisdom acquired from the experience. They must also share a sentence, thought, or idea that they learned from their mentors.

While we were in the midst of this project, one of my sophomores died on April 9 in a car wreck. This book has been such a focal point of healing for the students that I am very glad we were reading it. Also, we want to put Morrie’s quote, “Death ends a life, not a relationship” on Tifanie’s memorial page in the yearbook. Thanks so much, Mr. Albom, for sharing Morrie’s teachings with all of us!