I am an English Literature teacher at a Jesuit College Prep High School for young men in San Juan,Puerto Rico. As an Ignatian teacher, my goal is to empower our students with values and enhance their ability to discern. Your books have enabled me as a guide and facilitator to ensure that my students accomplish these goals. I have had the honor of assigning all three books to my students throughout the years. This year I assigned For One More Day again. My students and even their parents read this book with enthusiasm and fervor. As young men living in today’s difficult society,they need books with a message that encourage them to analyze and ponder about life, death, family, love, friendship, and sacrifice. Your book, For One More Day, has enabled them to heighten their understanding of a mother’s love and sacrifice for her children. As Latinos, the mother is highly valued and respected especially by her sons. Your book has been effective in helping them appreciate their mothers even more. In our Socratic Seminars, it is inspiring to hear how much they love their mothers and appreciate the profound effect your book has had for them. Your book has many amazing lines but “I love you everyday” is essential in understanding a mother’s extraordinary love for her son. Each of my students in their essays wrote how unique and inspirational your book was for them to love their mothers even more. Thank you for sharing the power of your words with all of us. We all live the journey of love with your books. I look forward to assign your new book “Have a Little Faith” to my future students.
Vilma Cordova and Students (Puerto Rico)