Class: Communication Strategies
Grade: Elementary
Subject: English
School/Institution: Hatboro-Horsham High School Horsham, PA
In our Communication Strategies course we were looking for a public speaking assignment to assess our students and I came across Mitch Albom’s “For One More Day” article in Parade Magazine. After reading the article and then the book, I talked to my colleagues about focusing on an assignment for our students to speak publicly about their own wishes if they could have one more day with someone. To open up the assignment, my coteacher and I presented our own wishes to the class. Our presentations allowed the students to see a very “human” side of us, full of raw emotion and great a appreciation for life. It also gave them ideas for what they could do for their own speeches. We had them analyze how well we displayed the top ten public speaking tips and discussed what could have made the presentation even better. This assignment allowed our students to showcase hidden emotions and exhibit sensitivity that only caring citizens possess. We had students crying, hugging, and empathizing with one another. It was a magical moment for the class and one we hope to continue in the future.