Class: Mrs. Young, Mrs. Sanford, and Mrs. Briggs
Grade: Elementary
School/Institution: Haviland Elementary School Waterford, MI
As fourth and fifth grade teachers we wanted to coordinate a community project with Mitch Albom’s organization, A Time to Help, to teach our students about the importance of helping others. We created an intergeneration project to support our local senior center. This was a great experience for our students to be involved in. Students assembled emergency meals, made Valentine’s day cards with seniors and even delivered to senior citizens in our community. Mitch delivered a message of the importance of community service and making the world a better place. The feedback from our students was one of great reward and accomplishment. They were surprised to see how much their work meant to others. Students commented that they would like to continue volunteering in their daily lives. One student commented on how they were so happy to see how much the seniors enjoyed seeing them when they delivered these items to their home. A home bound senior was so appreciative that she wanted to keep this memory and took a picture with the students that delivered to her. Another student commented, “I am so inspired to help others. I was also surprised to see how nice and pretty the seniors were. I can’t wait to help again.” This experience for our students was one that inspired and educated to be active participants in their community. Great job Haviland! Kathryn Young, Dawn Sanford, Samantha Knox, and Rebecca Briggs- 4th and 5th grade Teachers, Haviland Elementary School, Waterford, MI