I am a Librarian/Literature Teacher for a small Catholic School in New Jersey. This year my theme is “Heroes and Role Models.” I have chosen my 7th graders for a special project. It is a “Rocky Program.” In September they will choose a goal to work on until April. They will also choose a role model to write to. In April to celebrate our hard work we are going to take a trip to the Philadelphia Art Museum to run up the “Rocky Steps!” The books we will be reading are Mitch Albom’s. We are starting out with “The Five People You Meet In Heaven.” Eddie Maintenance is a fantastic role model for them. I am so excited to add Mitch Albom’s books to our curriculum. On September 14, 2011 I will be traveling to St. Elizabeth’s College in New Jersey with our school nurse to hear Mr. Albom speak. I will be taking an envelope full of letters from my 7th graders to introduce themselves and tell Mr. Albom how excited they are to read his books. I am also so excited to see him. I am a big fan of his and his books. This letter is the first of many that I will be writing to let all of you know how my 7th grade class is doing. I am sure they will be inspired by a great role model himself “Mitch Albom” and his wonderful books!

St. Mary’s Regional School, Vineland, NJ
7th Grade