A National Sportscasters and Sportswriters Association Hall of Famer, Red Smith Award winner Mitch Albom has written a syndicated column for the Detroit Free Press since 1985, archived here exclusively, free of charge. He also periodically writes for national magazines and other press outlets.

He also writes a newsletter, “Life at the Orphanage” from Have Faith Haiti, and hosts the weekly podcast, Tuesday People. He formery hosted the The Sports Reporters podcast with Mike Lupica and Bob Ryan.

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Detroit Lions now on wrong end of making too many mistakes

If you’ve gone to Detroit Lions games over the last 50 years, you’re used to fans heading for the exits even before the final whistle blows. Sunday afternoon at Ford Field was the opposite. The 2023 home opener was over, but thousands of fans still...

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Freedom of press does not mean taking orders

Years ago, during a sports writing assignment, I interviewed Detroit Tigers pitcher Willie Hernandez. I taped our conversation. I wrote exactly what he said. After he read the column, and his quotes, he found me in the locker room and dumped a bucket of...

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Mitch's first column

Give me a Sporting Chance, and I’ll Give it Right Back

AUG 8, 1985

Let’s start with an old joke.

On a plane trip home after a football game, Buck Buchanan, a massive lineman for the Kansas City Chiefs, was sitting next to a sports writer. Buck had the aisle seat. The sports writer was by the window.

Dinner came, and they ate. Soon Buck fell asleep…

Life at the Orphanage

Tuesday People Podcast

The Sports Reporters Podcast

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Mitch Albom is nationally known sportswriter; columnist for the Detroit Free Press; author of Tuesdays With Morrie, The Five People you Meet in Heaven and other best-selling books; TV and radio personality; and philanthropist. For the past five years, he has been working to help children orphaned after a devastating earthquake that struck Haiti on Jan. 12, 2010. He writes about that effort here.

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Mr. Smith Flees Washington

Michigan Democrat Bart Stupak got fed up with the mean-spiritedness of D.C. The elections are over. Bart Stupak did not run. After nine terms in Congress, the Democratic representative from Michigan’s 1st District is walking away to the winter of his discontent, sadly...

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Finding His Beat

In rap music, “def” is what you want to be. “Deaf” is another matter. Sean Forbes is both. As an infant, Sean lost nearly all his hearing. He grew up in suburban Detroit the way many deaf children do. Special classes. Sign language. Constant tussles with kids making...

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