Class: Death and Dying
Grade: College/University
Subject: Psychology
School/Institution: Southwestern Illinois Community College Granite City, IL

The students in the classroom were silent and absorbed, during the movie. The feelings could almost be reached out and touched. Upon the completion of the movie, discussions were held relating to the movie, but most of all the book and the manor in which the subject manner was conducted. Students volunteered with quotes from the book, which was sensitive and moving.
One of the many comments over and over by the students, ” it brought me so much comfort on how to handle this delicate subject for many people”. How can we ever begin to thank the author? As the instructor my reply, ” practice the thoughts in the book with the people you come in contact. Help the people to understand all the emotions, based on your study of Elizabeth Kubler Ross.
Now as an instructor, I am thanking you for touching so many lives, and making an uncomfortable subject for some, a reality of love, empathy and understanding.