Every morning my first grade students write about things that interest them. On Friday they chose if they were a superhero.Many wanted to fly, some wanted to defeat the bad guys and others had many super powers. One little girl even said she would be “a fashion super hero and defeat the bad guys with style!” The one that touched my heart was I would be a super hero that would make the world a better place. I told them you don’t have to be a super hero to do that, just help others and you make yourself become  a hero. Thanks for the inspiration through your books and by being example! These kids learn they can make the world a better place with the difficult life style they live with every day by reaching out to others and writing. You are welcomed to come to my class ANY day to inspire my writers, especially during Reading Month!!

Institution: Early Childhood Elementary, Hamtramck, MI
Class Name: Writing
Class Grade: First Grade