Dear Mitch,

I teach English in Sochi, Russia. Once a week on Monday we have a homereading class where my students are supposed to discuss one of the books we currently read. Since March 2011 we’ve been reading “Five People You Meet In Heaven” and my students have been really touched by your book. Despite the fact that their level of competence in English is not high enough to understand every single word they read, they all enjoy the book immensely! While discussing the events described in the book we all agreed that it’s a very moving account of an ordinary person’s life and death.

On behalf of the students I’d like to thank you for your wonderful book. We’d appreciate to hear a word from you. If you could encourage our students to keep reading, it would really make our day!

Looking forward to hearing from you,


Andrei Ponomarenko,
an English teacher from Sochi, Russia