Class: English 11
Grade: High School
Subject: English/Literature
School/Institution: Huron High School New Boston, Michigan

Dear Mr. Albom,

I have been teaching Tuesdays with Morrie since it was published and it is consistently a favorite of my students, especially my reluctant readers. Along with reading and journaling, I have my students interview someone in their own lives and write a paper comparing that person’s views to those of Morrie. It is an assignment that has survived the test of time and for some students a way to talk about things they would not normally with someone they respect and/or love. For the first time since I began teaching Tuesdays, I am at a loss. My books are stuck at school while my students are safe at home. I have tried making contact with you via other methods (free press email, Instagram message, comment on FB that I later deleted). I know how busy you are and realize this is a long shot, but is there a way to provide an ebook version I could use with my students? I am currently trying to use Google Classroom with my students and would love to put a pdf on (in?) my classroom that they could access in order to read the book. Or, another thought I had would be the possibility of placing an ebook link on your website so students could go there to access the book (an opportunity that could be extended to other students in this time of crisis). Maybe this could become an assignment on a large scale for those interested. I could then provide a link to your website in my Google Classroom. I understand you are a writer who needs to make a living so I feel uncomfortable requesting free access, yet I can’t think of a better part of my curriculum to share with my students during these unprecedented times. Now, more than ever, we are reflecting on and perhaps re-evaluating what is most important in our lives. If you are able to help me in any way, I would be so appreciative. More importantly, so would my students.