• 9/10: Brian Griese, Ex-Michigan QB; Brian Baldinger, analyst with the NFL network; Dan Carmody, president of Eastern Market Corporation; Dan Orlovsky, ESPN analyst and former Lions quarterback; Joe Kinville, Guernsey Farms Dairy
  • 9/11: Bruce Hoffman; Matthew Stafford; Kevin Dietz, investigative reporter for WDIV; Daniel Couveur
  • 9/12: Guest co-host Jeff Abernathy, President of Alma College; Lee Thomas
  • 9/13: Bill Dwyer, Warren police commissioner; George Sinas, Practicing No fault attorney of Sinas Dramis law firm, CPAN general counsel; Tom Constand President of the Brain Injury Association; John Prosser, VP & Partner, Health Partners Homecare, CPAN board member, President Neuro Trauma Association, and co author “ACCIDENT: Michigan’s insurance model for America”; John Cornack, President of CPAN
  • 9/14:  Lee Thomas; Dave Birkett

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