Class: Senior English
Grade: High School
Subject: English
School/Institution: Anderson County High School Clinton Tennessee

Dear Mr. Albom,
I have been teaching Tuesdays with Morrie for 19 years to my high school English classes or should I say Tuesdays with Morrie has been teaching us. Three years ago I had a challenging last period of the day English class and several of my students had no parents, one was pregnant, two had been in institutions for violence and to say the least, there were some emotional scars. Once we started reading Tuesdays with Morrie and talking about the issues, one of my students realized it was a Tuesday and we had talked the whole class about their issues. After that, we started having Tuesdays with Lori (my name) (on their suggestion to start having these personal talks on Tuesday) and it was amazing. I could write a book about our experiences because of the book. If you are ever bored (hee hee), we would love for you to visit us in East Tennessee. Thank you for the spark to many important conversations.