Dear Mitch,

The students in my advance 7th grade English class read Tuesday’s with Morrie over the summer. Although it has taken awhile for me to set guidelines for their project, they have been sent forth to discover about their own lives by meeting with a significant adult in their lives. Their project is based on 10 lessons on life gleaned from Morrie’s advice in the book. Their objective is to decipher meaning from quotes on specific topics, pose and answer self-reflective questions about those topics, and participate in a weekly “class” about each topic with a trusted, experienced adult in which the focus is a lesson from Morrie. The final products of the project will consist of a personal narrative about their experience that pays tribute to their chosen adult, a series of poems about each topic, and a presentation to teach the rest of the class about the most significant ideals learned in their journey.

Honestly, I have never seen 12 and 13 year old students be so enthusiastic to engage in such an arduous assignment. Through our brief discussion, these kids feel empowered by the opportunity to express themselves and connect with the values espoused in the book. I look forward to sharing some of the more insightful work. In the meantime, a word of encouragement from you might make a difference for those who are doubters.



Rockdale Junior High, Rockdale, TX
English, ELA
7th Grade