• 9/11/17: 9-11 first responder John Feal, Matthew Stafford, Doug Stanton
  • 9/12/17: Live from Little Caesars Arena: Chris Ilitch
  • 9/13/17: Al Avila, Lee Thomas, Dr. Carole Kowalczyk
  • 9/14/17: Matt Cullen; Live from Lansing Center at 2017 Michigan Brain Injury Association Annual Conference with: Tom Constand (President, Michigan Brain Injury Association), John Cornack (President, Eisenhower Center & CPAN), John Gwynne Prosser II (VP & Partner Health Partners Homecare), George Sinas (Attorney Sr. Partner at Sinas & Dramis Law, Legal Counsel for CPAN)
  • 9/15/17: Live from the MI Sports Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony from Max Fisher Center with Jon Jansen, Jim Leyland, Greg Kampe

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