Class: Lit I
Grade: High School
Subject: English
School/Institution: Clarendon Hall School Summerton, SC
I read For one more day over the summer. I enjoyed it greatly. As a literature teacher I am always trying to get my students excited about reading. I have tried many things. I have enticed many but never all. One day I heard screaming in the hallway. I opened my door to correct the student when I discoved he was yelling at his mother. I was so embarrased for his mother and very disapointed in his disrespect. Not wanting to over step my bounderies, i simply asked them to move their conversation outside and made up my mind right then to make For One More Day the next required reading. I made all 40 of my students purchase it. I gave them a journal that gave them daily reading assignments that covered about a 20 day span. To make a long story short…something happened today that has never happened in all my years of teaching. The bell rang and no one moved…they were not asleep, they were all alive….they couldn’t stop READING!!! The other teachers are angry because they are reading during their classes. Parents are calling asking me what in the world has happened because thier teenage boy stayed up late READING!! The 20 day span was a joke…most finished in 3 days, some in only one night. Bless you! You have cast a spell in our little private school in Summerton, SC. I would love my students to hear from you or feel connected in some way to you. Do you have any suggestions for me? Thank you and keep it up!