Dear Mitch,

I found it very important to share with you the tremendous impact that you have had on one of my students in particular. This began last year when I taught Tuesdays with Morrie to my Junior English students, where we focus on American authors. The message of this book resonated with many of my students, but one in particular seemed to connect with your message. This particular student has had to deal with the loss of a parent early in her life, and in spite of this difficult situation she has become a very loving, caring and giving young lady. I have always encouraged my students to read independently, but at the beginning of this past school year, she came to me and told me that it was her goal to read every single one of the books that you have written. We are now at the end of her senior year and she has accomplished this goal. She even had our librarian order a copy of The First Phone Call from Heaven so that she could read it right away. Not only did I want to share this with you, but this year my seniors had to create portfolios at the end of the year. One of the journals that my students had to answer was, “Who do you admire? Why do you admire this person? What kind of impact has this person made on your life?” This student chose to write about you as the person she admires the most. You have taught her many things through your novels and she turns to quotes from your books to help her get through some of the difficult moments in her life. You are someone that she admires also because of how you continue to help others. It has become one of the items on the Bucket List that they had to create to meet you. I hope one day she is able to do so.

Thank you so much for sharing your experiences and your stories with us.

Michelina Sullivan

Class: High School English
Grade: High School
Subject: English/ Language Arts
School/Institution: Payson Seymour High School