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The Live Albom
* Because the weather is hot, and the theaters are air- conditioned, I have developed a big interest lately in the movies. And I am surprised at the number of sports films this summer. . . .

* You’ve probably seen “Nothing In Common,” featuring Chuck Long and the Detroit Lions.
* “About Last Night,” starring Willie Hernandez.
* And “Aliens” — the story of a professional soccer franchise. With music by Julio Iglesias.
* And don’t miss “Ruthless People.” It’s a family film. George Steinbrenner’s family. DESPERATE FOR A MIRACLE ON THE 18TH HOLE, GREG NORMAN PULLS OUT HIS SECRET CLUB
* How important is this weekend’s Tigers-Red Sox series? How important are your lungs?
* No matter what happens from here, the Tigers’ D.C. acquisition — Darnell Coles, Dave Collins — has made the front office look smart.
* And Alan Trammell has turned the corner.
* And Jack Morris will be a rich man next year.
* Who invented mirror sunglasses, and why?
* John McEnroe took six months off from tennis to relax. Or so he says. But did you notice how comedian Steven Wright got hot just when McEnroe disappeared? Why is that? Huh? And we never see them together, do we? DO WE?
* So the Cowboys got Herschel Walker. So the Redskins got Kelvin Bryant. So the Lions got squat. So what else is new?
* Which reminds me of another summer movie. “Heartburn” — starring the Lions’ front office.
* If it makes Tony Dorsett feel any better, Bryant now makes more than he does, too.
* Meanwhile, the LA Rams — who hold the NFL rights to Doug Flutie — show as much interest in signing him as they do in moving to Oakland.
* Actually, they should make a movie called “Doug Flutie’s Day Off.” It could run forever. THE NEW LLOYD’S OF LONDON MOTTO

Gold and silver, we insure it,

Priceless statue? We adore it,

But if you play for the NFL,

Buzz off. We’re broke.
* In one week the White Sox pick up Steve Carlton, 41, and George Foster, 37? Now there’s a team building for the future.
* In the same week, Tom Seaver, 41, and Tommy John, 43, win big games for their teams. Maybe the White Sox know something.
* Don’t forget “Running Scared” — the documentary about the Red Sox being in first place.
* Real fight fans should be at the Jimmy Paul-Darryll Tyson lightweight bout tonight at Cobo. So what if it’s not Vegas? Bring a deck of cards.
* Many thanks for the nice letters upon my return from assignment in Russia. Except for the guy who offered to send me back.
* I see Carl Lewis lost again. Breaks my heart.
* Not many people know this, but when Wimbledon champ Boris Becker is not playing tennis, he stars in teen films, such as “The Breakfast Club” and
“Weird Science.” Says Boris: “I go by the name Anthony Michael Hall. It sounds American. Now if I could only lose my accent, dude.” CUTLINES The Right Mac The Wright Mac Boom Boom Becker Boom Boom Hall


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