Finalists in the Michigan Associated Press Media Editors 2018 newspaper contest were announced today. The top three places — the awards in order of finish  —  will be announced at the annual awards banquet in Lansing on April 28.

Mitch Albom’s column in the Detroit Free Press was selected in the best sports column category. Read it here:

MINNEAPOLIS — Cheesesteaks for everyone. Hoagies on every plate. It’s the City of Brotherly Shove now — defensive end Brandon Graham shoving the throwing arm of the great Tom Brady and popping the ball loose for the most unlikely conclusion to the most explosive Super Bowl in history.

“(His) arm was right there,” said Graham, “and I went for the ball.”

He got a lot more.

He got a championship.

That’s right. This is not a typo. Philadelphia, the team that had never won the Big Game, just beat the team that had won it five times — and they did it the way the Patriots usually do it, making the right play at exactly the right time. The final score was 41-33. But the score is just number.  This was about being aggressive and staying aggressive, ignoring the champion’s glow, and embracing the challenger’s dismissal.

Mostly, this was about guts.  … continue reading »

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