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* The Road to the Super Bowl: Denver beats Pittsburgh, Cleveland beats Buffalo, San Fran beats Minnesota and New York beats LA.

* Then Cleveland beats Denver, and San Fran beats New York.
* Then San Fran beats Cleveland.
* I think.
* I know Rumeal Robinson has a big family. But I didn’t know he had a sister named Tracy Chapman, who once said: “Hey, Rumeal. You got a fast car?”
* I’m glad Notre Dame finished No. 2. Where would Lou Holtz be without something to whine about all winter?
* I have to laugh when people say a college football playoff would settle the arguments of who’s No. 1. Even if they could come up with a format — which has got to add three weeks, at least — people would argue about the draw. They’d argue about tie-breakers. They’d argue about home-field advantage. * Face it. Sports fans like to argue. If they didn’t, they’d have stopped a long time ago.
* Well, I’ll be covering the Giants-Rams playoff game this weekend. And I’m looking forward to my interview with Flipper Anderson.
* Let me say this about George Perles: He’s lost his credibility. At the Rose Bowl two years ago, he told me how he lived for Michigan State, he had the world’s best job, blah, blah, blah. Meanwhile, he tells the Jets and Falcons he’d love to coach in the NFL.
* If I’m a recruit these days, and Perles says, “Don’t worry. I’ll be your coach four years from now,” I’m gonna laugh.
* Funny how Perles wants this athletic director job so badly — when Bo Schembechler refused it twice at U-M before accepting. What does that suggest about the MSU football program?
* Speaking of Bo, people keep wondering how he’ll stay busy after football. But I say being Lee Iacocca’s stunt double is a full-time job.
* Next comes the movie “Roger, Bo and Me.”
* Remember when Brian (Hey, look! I can talk!) Bosworth wrote his book, which infuriated Oklahoma coach Barry Switzer? Well. Not too long ago, Switzer, now unemployed, went door-to-door in New York for a publisher — and got more than $300,000 to tell his dirty story.
* I can hardly wait.
* My heartfelt sympathies to Bill Lajoie, who recently lost his wife, Gloria, to cancer. During the free agent insanity last month, Lajoie worked from home, trying to wear both hats, tending to his wife and the Tigers. He never complained.
* If you forgot someone on your Christmas list, may I suggest a late gift: a 1990 calendar featuring unique photos of Detroit sports stars, including Steve Yzerman, Chuck Daly, Barry Sanders, Jack Morris, Sparky, Bo, Salley, Rodman, etc. All the money goes to CATCH, the Children’s Hospital charity. Price: $10. To order: 1-800-688-CATCH.
* Can someone tell me why we need a key to the office bathroom? I mean, really. What are we going to steal?
* Speaking of Michigan, I meant to tell Loy Vaught how much I enjoyed him as Eddie Murphy in “Harlem Nights.”


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