On Thursday, October 26th, Starbucks stores in the nation’s 25 largest cities came together as never before – in coordinated book club discussions of Mitch Albom’s new novel “For One More Day.” Special sections of designated stores were marked off for those discussing Albom’s book, and throughout the day, Mitch Albom himself called into the stores, answering questions from readers. Groups ranged in size and background, but all were united by the idea of sharing a single book on a single day.

The Book Break Program is part of Starbucks’ commitment to encourage reading of quality work, with “For One More Day” being its first selection. The partnership has to date been a smash success, with sales of the book reflecting the enormous interest in Albom’s new novel. The 25 book groups meeting at the same time was believed to be the first such large scale book group attempt of its kind.

For accounts of the day, visit www.gather.com and click under Starbucks’ book break. For one individual’s excellent description, check this link:http://www.gather.com/viewArticle.jsp?articleId=281474976825178

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