When: April 26, 2014  |   9:00 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.

Project: The mission of the Ravendale Community Center is to provide an environment for residents to grow and prosper spiritually, intellectually, socially and economically, and to encourage residents to contribute their time, talent and resources to the betterment of their community, so that all residents and  visitors can feel welcome and comfortable in the community of Ravendale.

Volunteers will be working to help transform a three-story building into a neighborhood community center. Volunteers will help prepare the kitchen &  cafeteria areas so that it can be set up as a culinary arts program  for the students. These areas need removal of debris, sweeping  floors, and moving desks, chairs, and tables to a central storage on the ground floor. The walls will also need to be cleared of signage.

Where: Duke Ellington Conservatory of Music & Art building  |  8030 E. Outer Drive  |  Detroit, MI 48213   |   Map

Prepare: Please bring work gloves for your protection (required). Please bring brooms, snow shovels, dustpans and notify event coordinators (time.to.help.email@gmail.com or 313-309-5800) if you cannot bring or do not own such supplies.

Parking: Lot located behind building on Promenade. Entrance to kitchen through courtyard door next to parking lot.

Contact: A Time to Help Coordinators Jean and Chris | time.to.help.email@gmail.com | 313-309-5800

Sign up: Visit atimetohelp.org or click here.

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