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* Every now and then I have to wonder about our business. On Monday morning, the front-page story of both Detroit newspapers was Brent Musburger getting fired. And of course, for USA Today, this was MAJOR NEWS. Meanwhile, TV reacted with typical perspective. One broadcaster said: “Who’d have thought in one year the Berlin Wall would come down and Brent Musburger would leave CBS?”

* Yeah. I can just see those East Germans pouring over the border. “Next, comrades, we free Brent!”

* By the way, Musburger’s final act was suckering the fans once again, getting them to stay awake through the most lopsided NCAA championship game since they put air in basketballs — just to hear him kiss his network good-bye. The farewell was typical Brent, which is to say . . . which is to say . . . aw, I forgot what he said.

* I always wondered what happened to Dennis the Menace. He grew up to be Bobby Cremins.
* Speaking of the Final Four broadcast, do you think we heard enough about Bobby Hurley’s diarrhea?
* You gotta like this golf kid Robert Gamez. He takes one look at Augusta and says, “No problem. Where do I tee off?” Now all he has to worry about is getting carded at the players lounge.
* If Jack Nicklaus wins this year, I say they cancel the tour and give him everything.
* By the way, I know Greg Norman and Nicklaus will get a lot of ink, but to me, the story here is the rise of Paul Azinger, who never even played golf in his former life as Farrah Fawcett on “Charlie’s Angels.”
* I’ll bet Kenny Anderson’s flight home to Georgia Tech was late. By two-tenths of a second.
* Why do P.A. guys say: “Time out on the floor”? Be honest. Say: “Time out for a TV commercial.”
* Oops. Sorry. Mixing truth and advertising again.
* Now that Jerry Tarkanian has won the national championship, Las Vegas delis have added a new item to their menus: towel sandwiches. You can get Brisket and Bath Towel, Tuna-Towel Melt, and Jerry’s favorite, Bacon Lettuce and Terrycloth.
* Did you read where Kevin Mitchell of the Giants arrived late to spring training because he defrosted a chocolate donut in the microwave, ate it, and the melted goo stuck between his teeth, and he wound up needing dental surgery?
* And the Tigers think they have problems.
* Speaking of the Tigers, a smiling Lloyd Moseby instead of a sourpuss like Doyle Alexander makes me like them more already.
* And yes, it’ll be a long off-season for the Red Wings. Rick Zombo plans to pass time filming “Dirty Dancing II” under his stage name, Patrick Swayze.

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