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* Detroit 27, Jacksonville 17: The players in Jacksonville are complaining about a dictatorship under head coach Tom Coughlin. I don’t know. Just because you have to ask permission to sneeze doesn’t mean it’s a dictatorship. Pick vs. spread: Jacksonville.

* Pittsburgh 21, New England 20: Terrific quarterback. Brilliant coach. I thought those two things alone were supposed to put you in the playoffs. What happened, Pats? Pick vs. spread: New England.

* Green Bay 23, New Orleans 9: First Reggie White’s season was over. Then it wasn’t over. First he needed surgery. Then he didn’t need surgery. Now he’s back practicing. Is this football, or a “Rocky” movie? Pick vs. spread: Green Bay.
* Philadelphia 27, Arizona 6: Buddy Ryan is welcomed back to Philly in proper fashion; they slash his tires. Pick vs. spread: Philadelphia.
* Carolina 19, Atlanta 17: Call it wishful thinking. Pick vs. spread: Carolina.
* Cincinnati 14, Cleveland 6: The last game for the Browns at Cleveland Stadium. In commemoration, fans set Art Modell’s box on fire. Pick vs. spread: Cincinnati.
* Buffalo 26, Miami 20: The Dolphins have been winning games by the hair on Don Shula’s chin the last few weeks. Even his chin isn’t big enough for Buffalo in December. Pick vs. spread: Buffalo.
* Houston 24, NY Jets 14: The Jets share the worst record in football, and have given up more points than any other team in the AFC. So how can they have the league’s top-rated pass defense? Pick vs. spread: Houston.
* Chicago 19, Tampa Bay 17: I like these games. No matter who loses, it’s good news for the Lions. Pick vs. spread: Tampa Bay.
* St. Louis 10, Washington 9: The Rams’ season reminds me of March; in like a Lion, out like a lamb. Pick vs. spread: Washington.
* Kansas City 21, Denver 10: I watched Steve Bono throw the ball Monday night. If that’s the best the AFC has to offer, let’s cancel the Super Bowl right now. Pick vs. spread: Kansas City.
* Dallas 24, NY Giants 6: Unless, during the coin toss, Barry Switzer calls
“sides!” Pick vs. spread: Dallas.
* Indianapolis 28, San Diego 20: Guess which 1995 Super Bowl participant is not going to make the playoffs this year? Pick vs. spread: Indianapolis.
* Oakland 22, Seattle 15: I don’t want to say Jeff Hostetler is crucial to this team, but without him, the Raiders might as well wear pink. Pick vs. spread: Oakland.
* San Francisco 24, Minnesota 14 (Monday night): This makes the second time the Lions can thank San Francisco this season. Pick vs. spread: Minnesota.
* Last week: 9-6.
* Season: 90-75 (I got a late start).
* Last week vs. spread: 3-11-1.
* Season vs. spread: 71-90-4.
* Mitch vs. Curt (vs. spread): Curt Sylvester leads Albom by 12 games, 83-78-4 to 71-90-4. The sports writer with the best record gets his choice of teams in the Freep’s annual Great Super Bowl Debate. The debate will appear the day before Super Bowl XXX in Tempe, Ariz.
* Best pick last week: Detroit 21, Houston 20 (Lions won, 24-17).
* Worst pick last week: Oakland 20, Pittsburgh 16 (Steelers won, 29-10).

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