* LIONS 20, GREEN BAY 13: Tampa Bay. Green Bay. You beat one bay, you beat ’em all.

* PITTSBURGH 23, HOUSTON 21: If Ross Perot, from Texas, got to be president, would he be an Oilers man or a Cowboys man?

* CLEVELAND 21, CINCINNATI 13: I figure oil is more his style than horse manure.
* NEW ORLEANS 24, TAMPA BAY 7: Then again. . . .
* BUFFALO 35, NEW ENGLAND 10: New England. 0-for-92. The tradition continues.
* DALLAS 19, PHILADELPHIA 17: Herschel Walker returns to Dallas, where the signs will read: “If you played with us like you’re playing with them, we never would have traded your butt!”
* SAN DIEGO 13, INDIANAPOLIS 9: Be still my heart.
* SAN FRANCISCO 34, PHOENIX 14: Timm Rosenbach is back after his latest injury. The over-under is nine minutes before he breaks something else.
* MIAMI 28, NY JETS 14: The Jets quarterback, named Browning, has been taken out. Which means he must be Toasting. Or Broiling.
* ATLANTA 30, LA RAMS 29: I’m waiting for Deion Sanders to try out for the Atlanta fire department. We know he’s good with buckets of water.
* WASHINGTON 21, NY GIANTS 17: Why don’t they just put Parcells back in there and get it over with?
* CHICAGO 21, MINNESOTA 20 (Monday night): What are the odds that Jim Harbaugh calls an audible in this one, huh?
* BEST PICK LAST WEEK: Giants 19, Seattle 6 (Giants won, 23-10).
* WORST LAST WEEK: Tampa Bay 26, Detroit 21 (Detroit won, 38-7).
* SEASON VS. SPREAD: 45-52-3.

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