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Pop quiz. Here’s the question:

1. Roger Craig is:

A) A baseball manager.

B) A running back.

C) The same person, in different shoes.

The answer, of course, is C), which explains why, when Craig talked to his pitcher in Saturday night’s National League playoff game, he said:
“X-screen red on three, ready, break!!”

And now for this week’s picks:
* MINNESOTA 23, DETROIT 12: I don’t mean to say that Anthony Carter always has a big day against the Lions. I will say that when Detroit comes to town, he brings two pairs of shoes to the stadium, in case he wears the first pair out.
* CHICAGO 24, TAMPA BAY 17: What’s with this guy, Cap Boso? Is that a real name, or is it just what the other sailors call him for short?
* CINCINNATI 19, PITTSBURGH 10: Sorry, Steelers. You don’t get to play the Lions every week, you know.
* CLEVELAND 35, MIAMI 30: Bernie Kosar returns to Miami and decides to re-enroll in college, pursuing his real career, as the stunt double for
“Sesame Street’s” Big Bird.
* GREEN BAY 16, DALLAS 9: The Cowboys were ready to trade Herschel Walker — and he nixed it? Herschel. Buddy. With Jerry Jones running that team, I’d be out of Dallas on the first horse.
* BUFFALO 24, INDIANAPOLIS 20: Because . . . I don’t know, just because.
* NEW ENGLAND 20, HOUSTON 19: It would be just like Houston, which whipped up on Miami last week, to clobber New England. It would be just like Doug Flutie, the midget who won’t go away, to blow this game big time. Which is why I pick the Patriots. They never do anything you expect.
* PHILADELPHIA 30, NY GIANTS 28: There must be some mistake. Randall Cunningham looked like a human being Monday night.
* WASHINGTON 31, PHOENIX 6: The Redskins finally have found the answer: They wrap Gerald Riggs’ hands in Velcro.
* DENVER 28, SAN DIEGO 10: Whatever happened to the Three Amigos? Are they out on videocassette yet?
* SEATTLE 25, KANSAS CITY 13: Here’s what I want to know about the Kingdome: Which King was it named for — Tut or Stacey?
* SAN FRANCISCO 27, NEW ORLEANS 23: You’ve got to be nuts to pick against any Bay-area team this week.
* LA RAMS 17, ATLANTA 10: Is it me, or does Jim Everett look like a grown-up Elvis Grbac?
* LA RAIDERS 21, NY JETS 17 (Monday night): Both teams are so bad, the only reason to watch the game is to see the Raiders’ new coach, Art Shell. If we’re lucky, maybe he’ll play a down or two.
* SEASON VS. SPREAD: 27-26-3.
* BEST PICK LAST WEEK: NY Giants 33, Dallas 16. Giants won, 30-13.
* WORST PICK LAST WEEK: Miami 38, Houston 34. Oilers won, 39-7. CUTLINE

Who is Roger Craig?


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