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On Thursday, April 2nd, Dr. Phil McGraw made a visit to the S.A.Y. Detroit Family Health clinic in Detroit. Mitch Albom gave him a tour of the facility which was opened last December. McGraw visited with patients and doctors and staff and was so impressed, he vowed a $25,000 gift from his foundation before he left. The clinic is the nation’s only 24 hour/7 day a week facility dedicated to homeless children and their mothers. McGraw’s gift will be used to purchase supplies and equipment to help future patients. If you would care to donate, please click here.

Later that day, Mitch and Dr. Phil hosted a town hall-style meeting at I am My Brother’s Keeper Ministry (1435 Brainard Street). Dr. Phil first heard about Pastor Henry Covington and the Ministry when he read a recent Sports Illustrated article written by Albom called “THE COURAGE OF DETROIT.” 

Albom opens and closes the Sports Illustrated piece by spotlighting the work of Pastor Henry Covington’s church to house the homeless, and in it, addresses the resiliency of the people who live in Detroit, even as their sports teams find new ways to flounder, and their livelihoods are taken away.
I am My Brother’s Keeper Ministry is formerly home to the largest Presbyterian congregation in the upper Midwest.  Currently, the church is struggling to deal with broken windows, a hole in the roof, and heating bills so astronomical because of that hole, they go without.
Dr. Phil also hosted an event on April 1 at the Music Hall as part of a two-day visit to Detroit to discuss how to meet the challenges of living with purpose when times are tough.  



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