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* SAN FRANCISCO 21, ATLANTA 14: Some guys have all the luck. Just as Joe Montana undergoes surgery and is out for the season — ta-da! He signs as a TV spokesman for Nuprin pain reliever. I mean, is that timing, or what?

* SAN DIEGO 19, LA RAMS 17: Last week, San Diego traveled to LA to play the Raiders. This week, they go to LA to play the Rams. What’s the matter, they run out of travel money or something?

* BUFFALO 24, INDIANAPOLIS 10: Speaking of pain, isn’t it time someone put the Colts out of their misery?
* NEW ORLEANS 14, PHILADELPHIA 6: Roman Gabriel. I can see it. By the end of the game, at quarterback for the Eagles. Roman Gabriel.
* SEATTLE 16, LA RAIDERS 7: You know it’s just a matter of time before Bo Jackson shows up in a Nuprin commercial. He’ll be holding his hip, saying,
“Bo knows pain. Bo knows pain . . . ”
* DALLAS 34, CINCINNATI 24: If Sam Wyche were a baseball manager, he’d be fired by now.
* KANSAS CITY 30, MIAMI 20: Then again, if anyone were a baseball manager, he’d be fired by now.
* HOUSTON 31, NY JETS 24: Only because if the Jets win they will have a three-game winning streak and then the New York fans will get all excited — and you know how annoying that can be.
* MINNESOTA 27, PHOENIX 17: Half the Vikings are still out at the Silverdome, wandering around in circles saying, “What happened? What happened? . . . ”
* WASHINGTON 31, CLEVELAND 0: Why buck a trend?
* NY GIANTS 20, PITTSBURGH 14 (Monday night): Who cares? The Steelers’ fans will all probably be watching the Pirates, anyhow.
* SEASON VS. SPREAD: 36-41-3.
* BEST PICK LAST WEEK: Dallas 21, Green Bay 14. Cowboys won, 20-17.
* WORST PICK LAST WEEK: LA Raiders 20, San Diego 7. Chargers won, 21-13.


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