“Espere” (to hope): The Campaign for Haiti’s Tomorrow

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30 Days    |    One Mission
I will never forget what I saw in Haiti. People living in the streets, Children barefoot, eating from the ground. Streets of rubble. Tents pitched atop crumbled buildings.
I can also never forget the hope in the faces of the kids at the mission/orphanage where we stayed. The kids who grabbed our hands the minute we arrived, who said thank you for a single cookie, and who sang and prayed as if hope was untouched by the devastating earthquake.
Those are the kids I am bound and determined to help. Our A Hole in the Roof Foundation was created for places of faith that help the homeless, and Lord knows, almost everyone is homeless in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti. Right now the 70 kids are using holes in the ground for toilets and cans filled with soapy water for shower. They have no walls for privacy because they fell down during the earthquake. Their dorms are unstable and the floors cracked from the devastation.
We would like to fix that. Such a job in the U.S. might cost far more. But we can get the work done, based on estimates, for $70,000. Everything. New showers – which they have never had – real toilets, walls, tile floors, bedrooms that aren’t cracked. Nothing fancy. But the minimum, I think, a kid is entitled to in life.
Please help.                            –Mitch Albom
Help A Hole in the Roof Foundation rebuild the Caring and Sharing Mission/Orphanage in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. While the tents are holding up for now, the rainy season will soon begin, making outdoor living impossible.


Call 1 (313) 993-4700, ext 4718 or 4710

or send a contribution to 

A Hole in The Roof Foundation
c/o Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries
150 Stimson St.
Detroit, MI 48201


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