For those concerned about the Have Faith Haiti Mission, currently enduring Category-4 Hurricane Matthew, please note that we are sharing updates as we are able to at The Have Faith Haiti Mission and orphanage is home to about 40 children. We have taken every precaution to prepare for damages and conditions that may arise because of Hurricane Matthew, following our prescriptive guidelines for hurricanes.

  • Everything is brought inside or tied down to eliminate risk of flying debris
  • No children are allowed outdoor, as strong winds can carry debris from other areas
  • We are well-stocked with nonperishable food, drinkable water, batteries, medicines and first aid supplies
  • We have games and other activities to keep the children occupied and reduce the noise they here from the storm.

After ensuring their physical well-being, our teachers and caretakers are committed to projecting a sense of calm and reassurance for the children, who can become frightened during the storm.

If you are looking for a way to help, please lend your support here.

Stay up-to-date on Hurricane Matthew here.

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