February 14, 2015, 9:30 – 11:30 am

Cass Community Social Services is a non-profit organization that fights poverty and creates opportunities through their programs dealing with housing, food, health services and jobs.  Their Cass Green Industries program recycles illegally dumped tires into mud mats and sandals (Detroit Treads).  Twelve formerly homeless are employed by the program.

Project scope: Major task will focus on making mud mats from tires collected from Detroit neighborhood vacant lots which were dumped illegally.  CCSS generates ‘green’ electricity through exercise bikes at their Green Industries complex and volunteers are welcomed to ride stationery bikes.

Location: Green Industries | 12025 Woodrow Wilson (NW corner of Woodrow Wilson & Elmhurst) | Detroit, MI  48206 | Map

Note:  Any volunteer under age 12 must have direct adult supervision for safety.

Questions:  time.to.help.email@gmail.com or (313) 309-5800

Parking: Street or parking lot at main building of Cass Community Social Services at 11850 Woodrow Wilson (sound horn to get access)

Sign up: www.atimetohelp.org

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