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Why, Daddy, why?

“Because it’s bedtime.”

Why, Daddy, Why?

“Because it’s good for you.

” Why, Daddy, why?

“Because you have to share with your sister.”

Why, Daddy, why?

“Because we don’t use words like that.”

Why, Daddy, why? “Because that’s enough TV.”

Why, Daddy, why? “Because we just stopped five minutes ago.”

Why Daddy why? “Because Mommy’s sleeping.”

Why, Daddy, why? “Because too much ice cream makes you sick.”

Why Daddy, why? “Because Santa can’t give you every toy you want.”

Why, Daddy, why? “Because it’s too dangerous.”

Why, Daddy, why? “Because all kids go to school.”

Why, Daddy, why? “Because it’s time for lights out.”

Why, Daddy, why? “Because I said so.”

Words of wisdom

Why, Dad, why?

“Because you have to keep your eye on the ball.”

Why, Dad, why? “Because you carry the two and subtract the three.”

Why, Dad, why? “Because you already have all the Harry Potter books.”

Why, Dad, why? “Because that movie is rated R.”

Why, Dad, why? “Because you’re too young for makeup.”

Why, Dad, why? “Because I want you to call me when the party is over.”

Why, Dad, why? “Because you don’t disrespect your mother.”

Why, Dad, why? “Because you can’t leave the house dressed like that.”

Why, Dad, why? “Because we eat together as a family.”

Why, Dad, why? “Because you don’t need your own phone.”

Why, Dad, why? “Because sometimes other kids are cruel, honey.”

Why, Dad, why? “Because everyone gets acne.”

Why, Dad, why? “Because you hit the gas instead of the brake.”

Why, Dad, why? “Because I want you home by 11.”

Why, Dad, why? “Because getting into college is more important than that.”

Why, Dad, why? “Because as long as you’re in my house, you’ll follow my rules.”

Why, Dad, why? “Because I said so.”

His final comments

Why, Father, why?

“Because income tax is different than Social Security tax.”

Why, Father, why?

“Because it’s a job interview — wear a suit and tie.”

Why, Father, why?

“Because without that health insurance, you’re taking a big risk.”

Why, Father, why?

“Because it’s your wedding — we want to do this for you.”

Why, Father, why?

“Because this mortgage rate is lower.”

Why, Father why? “

Because that’s how women get when they’re pregnant.”

Why, Father, why?

“Because your mother wants to see the grandkids.”

Why, Father, why? “Because I’m ready to retire.”

Why, Father, why? “Because the doctor wants these tests.” Why, Father, why?
“Because everybody dies, kiddo.”

Why, Father, why?

“Because I want you to know. You’re my children. I love you.”

We know that, Dad.

“How do you know?

” Because you always said so.

Happy Fathers Day.

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