Grove City, OH
“One man, 103 students, and the author that brought them together”
Mr. Adrian Dennis of Grove City High School in Columbus, OH has been reading Tuesdays with Morrie alongside his english literature curriculum.

To give the students the same opportunity Mitch Albom had with Morrie Schwartz Mr. Dennis asked Dave Starner, who was diagnosed with ALS six years ago, to come speak with his students on a special day he called “A Tuesday with Dave”.

After a Q and A session with Dave, Mr. Dennis surprised his classes with a video message from Mitch himself! He reminded the students that today is may be all we have and we have the ability to make a difference in our lives as well as others.

Books and the lessons within them have the power to connect and impact our lives, and to know that Morrie is still making a difference today is what his final lesson was all about.

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