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* Well, I bet the folks at Domino’s were real happy to come to work Thursday and answer the phones.
* Every time I try to see this from the Tigers/WJR perspective, I come back to one question: Who could they hire who’d be better than Ernie Harwell?

* What do they want, baseball’s answer to John Madden? Every home run, he goes “BOOM!”?
* And if this move was to try to save Harwell’s “exorbitant” salary, (less than $150,000) remember this: Harwell earns in a year what Jack Morris earns in three weeks.
* I say we give Jack three weeks off and call it even.
* By the way, Tom Monaghan, the man who approved the dismissal, will soon be featured in a popular children’s book.

* That Jim Long at WJR is a real stand-up guy, don’t you think?

* I mean, this big crisis breaks, and he’s right there, hiding under his desk.
* If this is how Long treats employees of 31 years, I’d hate to have a summer internship there.
* Chris Spielman should be in the Pro Bowl even after missing four weeks with an injury.
* I don’t know about you, but I’m rushing out to buy that new Mike Ditka cologne for Christmas.
* Splash some on, you chew gum like a cow.
* Speaking of the Bears, sorry to see Jim Harbaugh go down during Quarterback Massacre Weekend. I guess Jim will have to focus on his off-season job, being actor Tom Cruise in the movie “Born on Fourth And Goal.”

* Here is this week’s list of people who should have their heads examined: 1. Bo Schembechler. 2. Jim Long — if we can find his head. 3. The Boston Red Sox, for spending $12 million on 35-year old Danny Darwin. 4. The NHL, for insisting on expansion while lacking a decent TV contract. 5. Andre Agassi for bagging a $6 million tournament.
* Agassi, he makes the list every week.
* Speaking of tennis, Bjorn (I have no money) Borg is staging a comeback. He may even play in next year’s French Open. First, of course, he’ll have to finish his role as Gary on “thirtysomething.”

* Do you get the feeling the Pistons did this losing thing just to try to keep it interesting?
* Hey, where did this kid Hanlon come from with the Red Wings? He’s pretty good.
* Well, just think. Next month Barry Sanders goes to the Rose Bowl, Wayne Fontes goes back to the drawing board, and Terry Greer returns to Beverly Hills, to pick up his life as Eddie Murphy.

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