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Help Needed!

Dear Friends,

As you may know, the Caring and Sharing Mission in Port-au-Prince, Haiti became the Have Faith Haiti Mission last December.  Through your generous donations, we were able to raise the funds needed for basic operation in 2011: food, basic medical needs, electricity, water supply, staff, security, and the continuing construction of a new school building.

The new school buildingAs we continue to rebuild the orphanage that is home to over 80 children, we are again seeking your help. We’ve put together a wishlist of items and supplies we need for the grounds, dormitories, and the new three room schoolhouse that will serve as the campus’s learning center.

But here’s the catch – we have on hold a very large commercial shipping crate in a warehouse run by the Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries. We’re hoping to ship items to the Have Faith Haiti Mission in 2 weeks, in time for our next trip down. We’re hoping to have items received by Monday, August 15. It’s a monumental goal, but the generosity–of your prayers,  your time, and your donations–has never ceased to inspire and humble us. We hope that if you can help, you will, and if you can’t, you might share this with those who might be able to.

For you, and all that you do, we are grateful. Always.

With much appreciation,

The Have Faith Haiti Mission




  • We have broken the list down into categories, and when applicable, provided photos and links as guidelines, only. We’re grateful for whatever you can find or give, but thought it would be helpful to offer samples. Please do not feel you must purchase new or donate only these particular items from the provided retailers.
  • We’ll be tracking shipments and dropoffs to the warehouse to make sure we receive only as much as we need. (Think of it like a wedding registry!) Before shipping or dropping off deliveries to the warehouse, please contact Marci Fitch by phone at at 313-993-4700 x 4715 or by email at marci@drmm.org to confirm.
  • Are you donating an item directly to the warehouse? You should still mark your donation on the wishlist. Click “buy or view this item” and a new window will appear at the top of your screen (allow pop-ups, please). You can select “I bought this item in another store”–that will let us know that you’re sending or dropping off a similar item directly to the warehouse. Don’t forget to mark how may items you donated!


  • It is located at:   5225 E. Davison, Detroit, MI 48212  |   See on map
  • Hours of operation:  Monday – Friday, 9:00 am to 3:00 pm EST
  • Items may be dropped off or shipped to the address
  • Please mark items with HAVE FAITH HAITI MISSION WISHLIST



(Suggested for reference, only)
Item/Qty Needed






  • Bath Towel
  • White or easy to wash/bleach color
  • 100 Needed






  • LCD Video Monitor
  • For Educational Videos
  • 10 Needed
  • Wireless Printer
  • 4 Needed

Living Space

  • Office Desk
  • Assembly required (better for shipping)
  • 3 Needed
  • Lightbulbs, 75 Watt: 200 Needed
  • Lightbulbs, 60 Watt: 200 Needed
  • Lightbulbs, 100 Watt: 50 Needed


We have not provided exact sizes for clothing and shoes request because their sizes are constantly changing, and we hope to provide clothing and shoes they can grow into. 

 Comfortable Dress Shoes
  • For teenagers
  • 40 Pairs Needed
  • For teenagers and children, Ages 3 – 20
  • 100 Pairs Needed
  • For teenagers and children
  • 20 children,ages 3 – 6 
  • Teenagers are general small to average-sized (No XLs or XXLs)
 Shoe rack
  • Minimum hold: 8 Pairs
  • 8 Needed



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