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* MITCH ALBOM: Hagler in eight. Five years off is five years off.
* GEORGE PUSCAS: Hagler, by knockout within eight rounds. He’s slower than even a rusty Leonard, but he’s a born middleweight.

* CHARLIE VINCENT: See Sugar Ray. See Sugar Ray hit Mr. Marvelous Marvin. See Marvelous bleed. See Sugar smile. See Marvelous and Sugar get tired. See them hold onto each other. See the fight go 15 rounds. See Sugar win a decision. See them both take the money and run. See? Hope Sugar still sees, too. Fight facts Tale of the tape

Facts and figures from tonight’s middleweight championship fight between Marvin Hagler and Sugar Ray Leonard.

HAG. LEO. Age 32 30 Weight 160 160 Height 5-9 1/2 5-10 1/2 Reach 75 74 Chest 40 39 Biceps 15 15 Forearm 12 11 3/4 Waist 30 30 Thigh 22 21 Calf 15 13 Neck 16 15 1/2 Wrist 7 7 Fist 12 11 Ankle 9 9 3/4 Official weigh-in will be today. Hagler’s past
* Has a 62-2-2 record.
* Last fight was March 10, 1986, against John Mugabi, whom he knocked out in the 11th round.
* Won world middleweight title on Sept. 27, 1980, with a knockout of Alan Minter in the third round.
* Last loss was to Willie Monroe in a 10-round decision on March 9, 1976.
* Has won 16 straight, 14 by knockout.
* Has won 36 of last 37 bouts with one draw, 32 by knockout.
* Has won 12 straight title defenses, 11 by knockout.
* Has 52 knockouts.
* Has six first-round knockouts.
* Has 10 second-round knockouts.
* Has fought 14 rounds in the last two years.
* Has fought 27 rounds in the last three years.

Leonard’s past

* Has a 31-1 record.
* Last fight was May 11, 1984, against Kevin Howard, whom he stopped in the ninth round.
* Won World Boxing Council welterweight title Nov. 30, 1979, by stopping Wilfred Benitez in 15th round.
* Won World Boxing Association junior middleweight title June 25, 1981, with knockout of Ayub Kalule in the ninth round.
* Won undisputed world welterweight title Sept. 16, 1981, by stopping Thomas Hearns in the 14th round.
* Only loss was to Roberto Duran in a 15-round decision for WBC welterweight title June 20, 1980.
* Has won six straight, all by knockout.
* Has seven knockouts in eight title bouts.
* Has 24 knockouts.
* Has four first-round knockouts.
* Has fought nine rounds in the last five years, two months.


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