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* I don’t want to sound like a homer, but if Michigan State knocks off big-shot Notre Dame this weekend, I’m painting all my grass green.

* My wish: Spartans 20, Irish 14.
* My instinct: Irish 17, Spartans 9.
* By the way, there is no truth to the rumor that Elvis Grbac, the new Michigan quarterback, had a fight with Bo Schembechler over the passing game.
* He did, however, jump from the huddle, point his finger at Bo and sing:

You ain’t nothing but a ground dog,

Runnin’ all the time

You ain’t nothing but a ground dog,

Followin’ your line,

You don’t never want to pass it

You ain’t no friend of mine.
* He was then taken off the field and given a peanut butter and bologna sandwich. “Sorry, Colonel,” he said. “That’s all right, mama,” said Schembechler.* Don Zimmer isn’t fooling me with baseball. I used to watch him every Saturday with the Three Stooges.
* Speaking of baseball, the media is already thinking of World Series angles. Some possibilities:
* The “Laid Back, Laid Back, Oops, We’re Asleep” Series: California vs. San Diego.
* The “Wait A Minute, I’ve Seen This Before” Series: Kansas City vs. St. Louis.
* The “What? Seafood Again?” Series: Oakland vs. San Francisco.
* The “Don’t Worry, They’ll Blow It” Series: Boston vs. Chicago.
* J.P. McCarthy takes much heat for his time off the air. But you can’t blame him for wanting to captain the Ryder Cup team, under his alias, Ray Floyd.

* Let me admit right here that every one of my preseason predictions in baseball was wrong. I said the Mets, Dodgers, Brewers and Twins. OK?* I figured I’d save you the postage.
* Hey. At least I didn’t pick the Tigers.

1. “Wanna order Chinese?”

2. “I’ll trade you two UCLA reels for two Michigan State reels.”

3. “So. Who does your hair?”

4. “We got this kid, Ismail? Can’t run a lick. I sure hope no one kicks it to him. . . . “* Speaking of Holtz, I wish he’d put a sock in his mouth. I’ve seen infants who whine less. “Woe is me, we play mighty Michigan. Woe is me we play Michigan State . . .” Come on.
* I was happy to see that Rodney Peete likely won’t make his NFL debut against the Bears. I mean, he just came off an injury, didn’t he?
* Poor Bucky Dent. His days are numbered as Yankees manager. And he can’t go back to CHIPS.

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