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You laughed. You scoffed. You rolled up the newspaper and stuffed it in the cat’s litter box.

And then the Lions beat Dallas — just as I predicted one week ago — and you felt pretty bad, didn’t you? Really ashamed. You wanted to send me flowers, but you didn’t know the address. It’s OK. All is forgiven. Really. Don’t worry about it. It’s all right. No problem.

321 W. Lafayette, Detroit, Mich.

OK. Here we go again . . .

LIONS 20, COLTS 6: You’re waiting for a collapse. You’re waiting for a letdown. You’re waiting for the real Lions to show their faces. What for? Things are much more fun when they win.

CARDINALS 1, GIANTS 0: You gotta like the Cardinals’ pitching. And the Giants don’t have anyone since they traded Jack Clark.

BILLS 23, PATRIOTS 21: Three weeks into the season and the Patriots haven’t been upset yet? No. That won’t do at all. No. Uh-uh.

BENGALS 57, CHARGERS 56: Hut, snap, pass, touchdown. Hut, snap, pass, touchdown. Hut, snap, pass, touchdown. And there’s the gun . . .

CHIEFS 28, DOLPHINS 26: Lo, how the mighty have fallen.

PACKERS 21, JETS 16: Last week the Giants, this week the Jets. New York loses to Green Bay two weeks straight? Oh, my gawd. Oh, my gawd. What will they be saying at the Russian Tea Room?

REDSKINS 81, EAGLES 0: Philadelphia has not scored a touchdown this season. I vote they go all year without one, then tell new owner Norman Braman: “Hey, boss. You get what you pay for.”

STEELERS 31, OILERS 12: Moon. Lipps. What happened to guys named Nagurski?

BUCS 30, SAINTS 10: In New Orleans, it’s becoming the Pooperdome.

COWBOYS 16, BROWNS 7: Dallas never should have lost last week. Cleveland never should have won last week. Whose turn will it be this week? Oh, the mysteries of the NFL.

49ERS 23, RAIDERS 20: I’m certain of it . . . well, no, wait . . . Raiders 23, 49ers 20 . . . I think, unless, maybe . . . 49ers 20, Raiders 20 . . . shoot. No fair giving us these hard ones.

BRONCOS 33, FALCONS 17: Could it be? John Elway is becoming a — gulp — good quarterback? No. We’ll have to take back all those things we said about him. It could take months. Forget it.

SEAHAWKS 35, RAMS 14 (Monday night): Now, Eric, you get to see what happens when you cut class for two months.

LAST WEEK’S RESULTS: 11-3. Yep. And the zip code is 48231.


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