* LIONS 28, BUCS 20: Sorry, Tampa. I know you enjoyed that brief moment at the top. But your 15 minutes are up.

* CHICAGO 21, ATLANTA 20: This should be a good contest. I know a better one: Mike Ditka and Jerry Glanville, middle of the field, in mud wrestling.

* CINCINNATI 23, MINNESOTA 17: What kind of a quarterback name is Sean Salisbury? I get hungry every time I say it.
* NY JETS 20, LA RAMS 10: What kind of quarterback name is Browning Nagle? I get ticklish every time I say it.
* HOUSTON 24, SAN DIEGO 10: You hate to see a nice team like the Chargers at 0-3. Let’s make them 0-4.
* DENVER 21, CLEVELAND 10: I might pick the Browns to win, if they weren’t advertising for a new quarterback in the local newspaper.
* BUFFALO 30, NEW ENGLAND 6: Which, by the way, would equal the Pats’ total scoring output this season.
* PITTSBURGH 23, GREEN BAY 9: I have thought about this one long and hard, and I must say I have come to this conclusion: Who cares?
* MIAMI 28, SEATTLE 23: And please, if you’re a Green Bay fan, don’t write me and say “I care!” It was a joke, OK?
* NEW ORLEANS 20, SAN FRANCISCO 19: When the games are close, always pick the team that is cooking the gumbo, not eating it.
* (MONDAY NIGHT) KANSAS CITY 17, LA RAIDERS 16: I don’t care what the records are. When the Raiders play on Monday Night, they refuse to be beaten badly. I think they threaten the producer.
* BEST PICK LAST WEEK: Seattle 6, New England 3. (Seattle won, 10-6.)
* WORST PICK LAST WEEK: LA Raiders 20, Cleveland 6. (Cleveland won, 28-16).
* SEASON VS. SPREAD: 23-17-1.

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