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* Lions 20, Buffalo 16: If the Lions put half the energy into playing football that they do in fighting criticism, they would be undefeated.

* Dallas 26, Green Bay 10: I know Troy Aikman. I have worked with Troy Aikman. You, Jason Garret, are no Troy Aikman.

* Chicago 20, Arizona 16: After nine years Mike Ditka calls Buddy Ryan “an ass.” That took nine years?
* Cleveland 21, Houston 6: New coach, same old problems.
* Denver 27, Cincinnati 20: One prays for playoffs, the other prays for the end of the season.
* New England 17, Indianapolis 10: Drew is fresh. He threw only 34 times last week.
* Kansas City 23, Seattle 9: The real Joe Montana tells Rick Mirer: “I ain’t dead yet, kid.”
* Pittsburgh 20, LA Raiders 18: Any team that can get a game out of Mike Tomczak is a winner with me.
* Minnesota 26, Tampa Bay 10: I finally figured out Sam Wyche’s genius. He’s still employed.
* NY Jets 23, Miami 17: Swoon over Miami.
* Philadelphia 17, Atlanta 10: Andre Rison made all the meetings this week. Slept though them, but made them.
* San Diego 14, LA Rams 10: Rams. Chargers. The All-Dodge game.
* Washington 21, NY Giants 14: Once this was a big game. Now people in Washington buy Bullets tickets.
* San Francisco 27, New Orleans 14: The Saints ain’t what they used to be.
* Best pick last week: Denver 31, Atlanta 27 (Broncos won, 32-28).
* Worst pick last week: San Diego 29, New England 24 (Patriots won, 23-17).
* Record last week: 9-5.
* Last week vs. spread: 6-8.
* Season record: 91-63.
* Season vs. spread: 75-73-6.


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