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* LIONS 21, TAMPA BAY 20: This is how far the Lions have come in the last few weeks: I’m worrying about them being overconfident.

* BUFFALO 20, CHICAGO 17: I promise you, unlike the Jets, if the Bills have a first down in overtime, they will not bring in their placekicker to try a field goal.

* MIAMI 21, NY JETS 17: Bruce Coslet defends his decision and says, “I’d do it again!” Just to prove it, he sends Pat Leahy out on the very first down of the game. Unfortunately, the ball is on the Jets’ 20, which makes the kick a little difficult.
* PHOENIX 20, NEW ENGLAND 13: If you propped my eyes open with toothpicks, I would still fall asleep during this game.
* LA RAMS 16, GREEN BAY 14: Jim Everett is so desperate for a touchdown pass, he’ll throw an interception on purpose if the guy promises to go all the way with it.
* LA RAIDERS 28, SAN FRANCISCO 24: Quick. Roger Craig: 49er or Raider? Ronnie Lott: 49er or Raider? This game is gonna be confusing, isn’t it?
* NY GIANTS 28, DALLAS 24: I don’t know which is stiffer: the Giants’ pass defense or Jimmy Johnson’s hair.
* NEW ORLEANS 17, ATLANTA 10: I can see it now: Deion Sanders intercepts a pass, runs downfield — and slides into second base! SAFE!
* KANSAS CITY 20, SAN DIEGO 17: The Chargers are one loss away from ex-Lion Bob Gagliano as starting quarterback.
* SEATTLE 24, INDIANAPOLIS 20: Eric Dickerson spent all week mumbling,
“Seventeen yards? Against the Lions? Me? The Great One?”
* DENVER 23, MINNESOTA 20: Somebody ought to warn the Broncos: If they keep winning like this, they might have to go back to the Super Bowl again.
* WASHINGTON 27, PHILADELPHIA 24 (Monday night): Buddy Ryan built this Eagles team. Jim McMahon is now running it. I half expect Walter Payton to take the next handoff.
* SEASON VS. SPREAD: 24-29-3.
* BEST PICK LAST WEEK: Dallas 27, Phoenix 21 (Cowboys won, 17-9).
* WORST PICK LAST WEEK: Houston 27, New England 13 (Patriots won, 24-20).


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