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* Detroit 20, Green Bay 19: I know, I know. They always lose in Green Bay. They can’t play on grass. Barry gets stomped. I know all that. I also knew that Cleveland would never make the World Series, and look how that’s turning out. Pick vs. spread: Detroit.

* Chicago 28, Jacksonville 24: The Jaguars’ quarterback, Mark (Beau) Brunell, leads the league in rushing for quarterbacks. Then again, if you played for Jacksonville, you’d be running, too. Pick vs. spread: Jacksonville.

* Minnesota 16, Tampa Bay 12: The Buccaneers are in first place? This is an outrage that must be stopped immediately. Next thing you know, Northwestern will be beating Michigan. Pick vs. spread: Minnesota.
* Kansas City 31, New England 30: I’d pick the Patriots to win if their quarterback wasn’t working with one arm. Pick vs. spread: New England.
* Philadelphia 4, New York Giants 2: In a game of no danger, there can only be safeties. Think about it. Pick vs. spread: NY Giants.
* Miami 13, New Orleans 10: Yes, I know, Dan Marino is out. But these are the Saints. Their fans don’t wear bags over their heads for nothing. Pick vs. spread: New Orleans.
* New York Jets 3, Carolina 0: As Mr. T might say, “I pity the fool — who gets stuck watching this.” Pick vs. spread: NY Jets.
* Washington 20, Arizona 10: I know that Arizona should probably win this game. But I get such pleasure out of picking against Buddy Ryan, I don’t care. Pick vs. spread: Washington.
* Buffalo 30, Seattle 9: Somebody better stop the Bills from winning before you-know-what happens again. Pick vs. spread: Buffalo.
* San Francisco 20, Indianapolis 17: Marshall, handcuffed. Pick vs. spread: Indianapolis.
* Dallas 27, San Diego 6: For Jerry Jones, a week without a press conference is like a day without sunshine. Pick vs. spread: No line.
* Oakland 34, Denver 28 (Monday night): Don’t look now, but the Raiders have .
. . an offense. Pick vs. spread: Oakland.
* Last week: 10-4.
* Season: 23-16 (I got a late start).
* Last week vs. spread: 3-10-1.
* Season vs. spread: 17-19-3.
* Mitch vs. Curt (vs. spread): Curt Sylvester leads by five games, 22-14-3 to 17-19-3. The sports writer with the best record gets his choice of teams in the Freep’s annual Great Super Bowl Debate. The debate will appear the day before Super Bowl XXX in Tempe, Ariz.
* Best pick last week: Tampa Bay 24, Cincinnati 17 (Buccaneers won, 19-16).
* Worst pick last week: Pittsburgh 30, Jacksonville 10 (Jaguars won, 20-16).


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