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* DETROIT 20, CHICAGO 10: Everything the Bears did to the Lions a few weeks ago, the Lions do back today. You wanted something to be thankful for on Thanksgiving? You got it.

* DALLAS 28, PITTSBURGH 17: Cheer up, Troy. One of these years you’ll actually finish the season.

* ATLANTA 21, GREEN BAY 6: Sorry, Packers. You got to play the Colts last week, and I know that was fun, but it’s back to the real world now.
* BUFFALO 24, NY JETS 21: All week long, the Bills were walking around going,
“The Patriots? We lost to the Patriots?”
* WASHINGTON 84, LA RAMS 3: Let’s see; the Redskins are mad after losing last week and the Rams are about the saddest bunch in the NFL today. Yep. That score seems about right to me.
* MIAMI 20, TAMPA BAY 13: The battle for Florida. At halftime, there’s the Punt, Pass and Tan competition.
* DENVER 24, NEW ENGLAND 14: A Dec. 1 game in Denver? At halftime, they have the Punt, Pass and Plow competition.
* CLEVELAND 26, INDIANAPOLIS 3: Eric Dickerson came back? That’s it. I pick the Colts to lose them all now.
* LA RAIDERS 25, SAN DIEGO 10: Every time I look up, San Diego is playing some team from Los Angeles. What’s the deal here? Can’t they afford plane fare?
* NY GIANTS 20, CINCINNATI 7: I don’t want to be cynical toward New York and its teams, but after Jeff Hostetler went down last Sunday, I figure Phil Simms trotted into the huddle and said, “Geez. About time that the guy got hurt.”
* SAN FRANCISCO 16, NEW ORLEANS 13: Sonny Bono is running for governor, Steve Bono is running the 49ers. What’s next in California? Bono Beach?
* KANSAS CITY 14, SEATTLE 10: Although when you pick against Seattle at home, you take your chances.
* HOUSTON 26, PHILADELPHIA 23 (MONDAY NIGHT): Remember when all you could talk about with Philadelphia was Randall Cunningham and Buddy Ryan?
* SEASON RECORD: 118-51.
* SEASON VS. SPREAD: 83-80-6.
* BEST PICK LAST WEEK: New York Giants 16, Tampa Bay 9. (Giants won, 21-14.)
* WORST PICK LAST WEEK: Houston 30, Pittsburgh 10. (Steelers won, 26-14.)


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