During his weeklong trip to the Philippines, hosted by National Book Store, Mitch will spend his final day in Tacloban, one of the hardest hit areas from the recent typhoon Haiyan.

Each year, the National Book Store Foundation donates libraries for needy and deserving schools all over the Philippines. For this 2014, the Foundation will be concentrating its efforts in the areas hit by the recent typhoon. One of the libraries will be named for Mitch and Janine Albom.

Mitch will also be visiting Talisay, where the Yellow Boats for Hope Foundation sources boats for their “Adopt a Fisherman” program. Through this program, boats are donated to the small scale fishermen who lost their boats during the typhoon so that they can return to their livelihood. In honor of Mitch’s six bestselling novels, the National Book Store is donating 6 boats. The A Hole in the Roof Foundation, founded by Mitch Albom, will donate an additional 40 boats to support this program.


(photos credit to Christie Samson Cañada)

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