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* LIONS 28, COWBOYS 21: Logically, there is absolutely no reason to pick the Lions after watching them stink up the place last week in San Francisco. But since when has logic had anything to do with football? Besides, it’s their first sellout in God knows when. Would they dare disappoint that many people?

* NEW ORLEANS 17, CHICAGO 6: I am not that impressed with Chicago, no matter how much Mike Ditka froths at the mouth.

* PHOENIX 21, MINNESOTA 20: The worst part for Twins fans is once the World Series is over, they are stuck watching the Vikings for entertainment.
* HOUSTON 37, CINCINNATI 9: Bye bye, Sammy.
* TAMPA BAY 16, GREEN BAY 10: Battle of the bays! Loser has to take a lap!
* ATLANTA 19, LA RAMS 7: After what went on at Fulton County Stadium this week, I don’t pick against anything with the word “Atlanta” on it.
* SAN FRANCISCO 23, PHILADELPHIA 21: Steve Young can’t possibly be as good as he looked last weekend against the Lions. If he was, the 49ers would have broken Joe Montana’s elbow themselves.
* CLEVELAND 13, PITTSBURGH 9: This game is so dull, it should be televised in black and white.
* DENVER 27, NEW ENGLAND 14: These two teams have one thing in common: A deep-rooted fear of returning to the Super Bowl and making utter fools of themselves.
* SEATTLE 24, SAN DIEGO 9: As long as the Seahawks don’t have to go outdoors, they’re fine.
* WASHINGTON 24, NY GIANTS 20: The Redskins, out of respect to the American Indians, change the name of their team to the Washington Undefeateds. Unfortunately, no one can come up with a logo.
* KANSAS CITY 19, LA RAIDERS 17 (Monday night): These teams are never more than a field goal apart, are they?
* SEASON VS. SPREAD: 47-51-5.
* BEST PICK LAST WEEK: New Orleans 28, Tampa Bay 7 (Saints won, 23-7).
* WORST PICK LAST WEEK: Atlanta 23, Phoenix 10 (Falcons lost, 16-10).


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