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OK. I’m on the bandwagon.

I walked into the Lions’ locker room this week after practice and was barraged by “Look who it is!” “Hey, didn’t you pick us to lose to Chicago?”
“Uh-huh. Uh-huh.” They strutted past. They pointed at me and laughed.

You know what you call that?


I haven’t seen that with the Lions in years.

And that’s what has been missing.

Of course, I wouldn’t mind if they took it out on the opposing team instead of me, but. . . .

Now this week’s picks. . . .
* DETROIT 21, TAMPA BAY 14: The Lions beat the Bucs last time — and that was without Barry Sanders. Besides, if I pick against the Lions this time, I might need a cane to get to work.
* NY GIANTS 28, DALLAS 10: Let’s see. The Cowboys already used the Bounty-On-Our-Heads excuse. This week they try the Gatorade-On-Our-Heads excuse.
* DENVER 12, PHOENIX 3: Denver better win a game soon, before it forgets how.
* GREEN BAY 21, CHICAGO 20: Jim Harbaugh announces his retirement after the game, saying, “If it was good enough for Bo, it’s good enough for me.”
* CINCINNATI 30, HOUSTON 28: After last week’s embarrassing loss to Seattle, Bengals coach Sam Wyche put a gag on his team — which made it tough to eat this week.
* INDIANAPOLIS 28, MIAMI 21: Eric Dickerson ruins Don Shula’s Christmas.
* PITTSBURGH 17, NEW ENGLAND 16: Doug Flutie misses the game because of his annual December job as one of Santa’s elves.
* KANSAS CITY 27, SAN DIEGO 14: The Chiefs are now known as Mr. Christian and company. All they need is Captain Bly.
* WASHINGTON 20, ATLANTA 9: What does Deion Sanders want for Christmas? How about a muzzle?
* CLEVELAND 10, MINNESOTA 9: I swear this is the last time I pick Bernie Kosar. If he loses again, I’m sending him back to Sesame Street under his stage name, Big Bird.
* LA RAMS 30, NY JETS 21: The Rams are still on the field from Monday night, trying to figure out how they lost to the 49ers.
* BUFFALO 20, SAN FRANCISCO 17: The Bills need this game to have a prayer for the playoffs. The 49ers already have all their prayers answered.
* LA RAIDERS 21, SEATTLE 19: When the announcement came that Bo was retiring, Bo Jackson got confused and didn’t come to work.
* PHILADELPHIA 23, NEW ORLEANS 16: The Eagles’ new punter is named (Bootin’) Tuten. Now how can you pick against that?
* SEASON RECORD: 129-67.
* SEASON VS. SPREAD: 92-99-5.
* BEST PICK LAST WEEK: Philadelphia 20, Dallas 10. Eagles won, 20-10.
* WORST PICK LAST WEEK: Cincinnati 41, Seattle 10. Seahawks won, 24-17.


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